Sex in Later Life: A COSRT media lunch

On 12th June COSRT held its first event tailored specifically for the media, exploring the issues relating to sex in later life. The lunch event was hosted by our Chair Trudy Hannington and attended by journalists from a range of major women’s magazines and national newspapers. Taking the form of a roundtable discussion, with contributions from our Chair Trudy Hannington, Professor Geoffrey Hackett and Dr Glynn Hudson Allez. The event was a great success and will further help us position COSRT as a leading source of comment and expertise in relation to sex and relationship issues, and pave the way for a greater media presence in the future. A follow up event is being planned with Professor Hackett and Trudy Hannington to further explore the physiological/medical and psychological issues in sexual difficulties along with a review of the latest medications. Keep checking the COSRT website for further information.