Ruth Hallam Jones is awarded Fellowship of COSRT at the Summer conference


Ruth is seen here accepting her award from Trudy Hannington the outgoing Chair of COSRT and Peter Saddington the new Chair.

Ruth’s acceptance speech is printed below.

Dear Colleagues,

I wonder whether I could ask you firstly to stand if you are 40 years of age or more………now if you are under 40.

Now could you take two minutes of your time talking to one of your colleagues sitting next, choose the one who you know the least well. Could you discuss “What you think trainee sex therapists need to know that you think they are not being taught”. Thank you.

I now want to give you three requests

  1. Firstly COSRT needs to love students and trainees they need a voice at every level. For example maybe they should get a free entry into conferences.
  1. We need to ensure that both women and men are given an adequate physical as well as psychological and relational assessment. We can only do that change of emphasis via conferences.
  1. We need to ensue that new ideas and treatments are not just taught to students, but also to therapists, and in particular supervisors.

I have seen over the last 2 years the value of Surrogacy when used in the right way with the right clients, who are usually suffering from disabilities that nothing can treat. We need policies procedures and new ways of supervision that covers new areas. I have worked on them with therapists for the last years. Let us join up and think.

Don’t let us be so afraid of new ideas, that we do not really think about them carefully.

We were afraid of medicine taking away the need for sex therapy, but in approximately 99% of clients it has led to a greater awareness by the client  of the need for couple therapy.

Lastly we need to learn to sell ourselves as private practitioners more carefully, thoroughly and effectively. Let COSRT help us unite by producing the wording for a useful letter to send to all GP’s in our own areas to highlight the need for qualified experienced therapists.

Thank you very much for the honour of this award.

“Heath is not the absence of disease, but the ability to do what you can do.”

Love you, Love you all.