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On this website we provide links to other websites and books which you might find useful in order to learn more about the topics covered here. We do, however, need to emphasise that views expressed in these places do not necessarily reflect the views of COSRT itself. There are many differing opinions on various aspects of sex and relationship therapy. Please use the links if you find them helpful but do not assume that all material on other websites is accurate or condoned by COSRT.

Useful Books

Useful Weblinks

Sex and Relationship Advice

There are a number of useful leaflets to download about sexual and relationship issues on:

Sex and Addiction and Compulsivity

Information on Health, Sex and Relationships

Finding a Therapist

Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Links

Transgender Links


Domestic Violence


Cancer and Partners 

Websites specifically for those who have experienced cancer are full of information that anyone would find helpful.

Disability and Partners

  • Beecourse –  this shows ramps and wedges that help to make sexual positions comfortable as well as vibrators and masturbatory devices.
  • Outsiders:   This website offers leaflets for specific problems that you can download as well as links to a Sex and Disability Helpline:  0707 499 3527.  Its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 7.00pm.
  • Continence Foundation:  There are plenty of helpful suggestions for those who experience some incontinence, explaining how individuals can cope during sexual activity.
  • Sh!  This is a women’s store selling sex toys and providing sexual information.
  • Clonezone – this is a Gay website, it provides good male masturbatory devices.
  • Lovehoney – This website sells sex toys of all types.
  • This UK website has many interesting articles including information from Dr Beverley Whipple whose research has shown that people with spinal cord injuries can still experience orgasm from stimulation of their genitals, the orgasmic sensation being felt in their body just  above the level of the spinal injury.
  • The Leonard Cheshire Disability website is for young disabled people.  It is another website with many helpful articles and useful information.

Other Related Organisations and Professional Bodies

Professional Journals