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COSRT Strategic Plan 2016-2019

COSRT Annual Report and Accounts Year End 2017

COSRT Statement on Equality

COSRT Ethical Fundraising Policy and Procedure

COSRT Risk Policy

COSRT Committee Expenses Form

COSRT Documents


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Approval of CPD training days and conferences

Advertising online for courses and CPD

Annual Report and accounts

Membership Documents by Category


General Membership

This is a broad level of membership suitable for all therapists who practise sexual, couple or relationship therapy who do not meet the accreditation criteria, or who are in training. We also welcome Members in this category from a wide rands of allied professional disciplines. General members must comply with the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice for General and Accredited Members.

Please note: Applicants for accreditation must have been a general member for a minimum of one year.

COSRT Membership Application Pack – General Applicants | 10.04.2018

COSRT Membership Application Pack – Trainees | 21.05.2018

Accredited Membership

Accredited membership gives members a title that can be advertised. This level of membership gives the highest level of protection for the public as accredited members have met rigorous standards and are licensed on an annual basis.

Below are the theorectical syllabus and clinical comptencies which those applying for Accreditataion will have to demonstrate that they meet.

COSRT Theoretical knowledge and Clinical Competencies | 23.03.2018

There are two routes to COSRT accreditation:

Category One: for applicants who have successfully completed a COSRT approved course.

Accreditation Pack Category One – for applicants who have completed a COSRT approved course | 10.04.18

Category Two: for those who have not undertaken a COSRT approved course.

Accreditation Pack Category Two – for applicants whose training course was not COSRT approved | 10.04.18

Accredited Supervisor

Accredited Members of COSRT with appropriate training and experience may apply for Accredited Supervisor status. COSRT Accredited Supervisors who are UKCP registered may be included in the UKCP directory of supervisors.

Grandparenting Route: Applicants with extensive experience of supervision who do not have a specific qualification as per the below documents, will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please complete the application form and also send CV, a list of all trainings undertaken with certificates where possible and details of training contact hours and curriculum, along with all your experience of supervision.This route will be available for a limited time. Closing date July 2018.

Accredited Supervisor Application Pack | 09.04.18

Additional Accreditation Documents

Additional Supervisor Accreditation Documents

UKCP Registration

You may apply for UKCP registration if you are an Accredited Member of COSRT and meet the further criteria necessary for registration. If you do not meet the criteria there are pathways to enable you to do so. Please find all the information in the below pack.


All Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapists and Psychosexual Counsellors who are members of COSRT are subject to an annual licensing process by COSRT. This requires confirmation of supervision at the required levels, assurance of maintenance of CPD, adherence to the Codes of Ethics and Practice of COSRT, and that there are no outstanding complaints or sanctions against them.

In addition to the annual licensing for COSRT members, a five yearly re-accreditation scheme must be introduced for all members of CSRP, which will require evidence of all the above, including insurance cover and attendance certificates for CPD activities. The below document provided the necessary information and guidance. If there are any queries or you require guidance please contact Jo Coker on

CSRP 5 Yearly Reaccreditation Policy – Approved UKCP Sept 2018

CSRP 5 Yearly Re-accreditation Renewal Document – Approved by UKCP PRCCF Sept 2018




Procedure for Awarding COSRT Fellowship

Senior members of COSRT who have contributed significantly to the profession of sexual and relationship therapy may be nominated for the award of Fellowship. They can be nominated by their peers, or Fellowship can be awarded by the Trustees at their discretion.