Benefits of accreditation

Becoming an accredited member of COSRT  is a valuable way of showing that your skills are recognised by the national organisation which regulates sex and relationship therapists.

Accredited membership gives you a title that you can advertise to your clients.  It shows that you have met rigorous professional standards in supervision, minimum practice hours, continuity of practice, continuing professional development (CPD) and insurance.  Your status as an accredited member will be clearly shown in our Directory of Therapists.

Accredited status is reviewed on an annual basis.

You can apply to be an accredited member if you are a general member of COSRT and have:

  • completed a two-year COSRT approved course.
  • completed a four-year COSRT approved course.
  • completed a course in psychosexual and relationship therapy, even if not approved by COSRT

Accredited Members of COSRT who have undertaken supervision training, and who meet the standards required, may apply for Accreditation as a Supervisor. There is more information about accredited status and how to apply in our documents library .

Accredited Members who meet UKCP’s further requirements may be eligible for UKCP registration.

Message from Julie Fitter Chair of CSRP which is COSRT’s Membership college within UKCP

The College of Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy is one of eleven colleges of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), and is a way for individual and organisational members to enjoy the benefits and kudos of being accredited by UKCP. Colleges are currently structured to support members with the same psychotherapy philosophy and practice.

CSRP work closely with COSRT to ensure that our values, practice and policy documents are ethical and aligned to inform the training and practice standards of our members, for the benefit of members, and the users of Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy.

Any COSRT accredited member is well on the way to achieving the standards required for UKCP accreditation, which include having successfully completed a 4 year Masters level training (or a 2 year training with additional dissertation/research submission), having undertaken 450 hours supervised Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy and 80 hours personal therapy/development. Trainees on a COSRT approved training course and working towards UKCP accreditation can join as a trainee member of UKCP.

Currently all CSRP members and the executive committee are individual accredited members of COSRT, and have the additional benefits of:

  • Demonstrating the calibre of our training and practice to potential clients and employers
  • Strengthening the voice of the psychotherapy profession by being able to contribute our views to consultations and debates on issues that affect us all
  • Being part of a 7,000 strong community of therapy professionals and having the opportunity to tap into online networks and special interest groups
  • Updates with latest news and developments in the profession electronically and via The New Psychotherapist magazine.

Work recently or currently being undertaken by CSRP Executive Committee includes invoking the 5 yearly re-accreditation procedure, securing descriptors for our members as Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist or Psychosexual Psychotherapist, preparing proposals to adopt a couple and psychosexual marker to reflect our clinical and educational experience as well as considering the development of an additional level of training/qualification equivalent to psychotherapeutic counsellor, which will also lead to UKCP registration.

We look forward to you joining us, hearing any ideas or addressing any queries you may have.

Julie Fitter, CSRP Chair

On behalf of The CSRP Executive Committee



If you are accredited and want to know more about how you can join CSRP via COSRT pathways please contact Jo Coker