Accreditation FAQ


Terms of Reference – Assessor Panel 29.10.15


Which route to accreditation should I use?

If  you have completed a COSRT  approved two year course you can apply through Category One. If you have completed a COSRT approved four year course you can apply through Category Three. If the course you have completed was not an approved course you can apply through Category Two.

What is the pre-accreditation period?

To achieve COSRT Accreditation all applicants need to have completed a minimum of 320 hours of clinical work supervised at a ratio of 1 hour of supervision per 6 hours of clinical work.

From January 1st 2018 to achieve COSRT Accreditation the following clinical hours are required.

450 hours of clinical practice at a ratio of 1:6 are required for those who have not completed any clinical hours before this training.

Trainees who have completed Accreditation, or its equivalence, with BACP, UKCP HCPC i.e. 450 hours of clinical work, will need to complete 320 clinical hours for COSRT accreditation at a ratio of 1:6.

At least one year must be allowed for completion of these hours, as this pre-accreditation period is an important phase of growth and development and should not be rushed.


What do I need to do if I have not had enough supervision during the pre-accreditation period?

If you do not meet this criterion then you can postpone your application for a year during which time you must have your work supervised at the required ratio, thus enabling you to meet the criterion.

Is telephone and electronic supervision acceptable?

It is acceptable for supervision to be conducted via telephone or by electronic means with a supervisor who is experienced in online work, but you must ensure internet security.

Can I count group supervision hours?

Group supervision can form up to 25% of supervision hours during training and the pre-accreditation period. Where the group has 4 members or less, half of the time would be counted towards a supervision hour. Where the group has more than 4 members, the length of time of the group would be divided by the number of members present and that proportion would count towards a supervision hour. For example, 6 members in a 90 minute group would gain 15 minutes towards a supervision hour.

Does my supervisor have to be COSRT accredited?

The Supervisor of trainees and those seeking COSRT Accreditation and/or potential UKCP Registration should be sufficiently experienced and competent in sexual and relationship therapy and should be an Accredited Member of COSRT and a COSRT Accredited Supervisor. If they are not, they may be asked to evidence their fitness for this role at the discretion of the course Director or COSRT. For ongoing supervision of clinical work, although a COSRT accredited supervisor is recommended, any suitably qualified and experienced supervisor will be acceptable.

If I have more than one supervisor do they all need to provide a report?

We need a report from the supervisor who supervised your work during the training course to verify that supervision met the requirements of the course.  We also need a report from the supervisor who supervised you during the pre-accreditation period if this was a different supervisor.  Your current supervisor will also be asked for a report and if you have more than one supervisor they should each complete a current supervisor report.


What can I count towards the 50 hours required?

  • Any personal or couple therapy you have undertaken.
  • All personal and professional development group hours attended during training
  • Any awareness group hours during training
  • Any therapeutic  group work undertaken outside of training

You need to show how many hours of each activity you have undertaken to meet this requirement. You cannot include any supervision hours, CPD hours or time when you were running or leading a group.

Do all these hours have to be done during the training and pre-accreditation period?

No. You can include personal and therapeutic work undertaken as an adult if it was relevant to your practice as a sexual and relationship therapist.


Once you have been accredited you will need to re-accredit annually. Continuity of practice, regular supervision and CPD are necessary for the maintenance and development of therapeutic skills and efficacy. Accredited members will need to confirm that during that year they have conducted a minimum of 100 hours practice, received monthly supervision and undertaken a minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development of which 16 hours must be directly relevant to the practice of sexual and relationship therapy. (See Practice Guideline 3 )

Why do I need to do CPD when I have finished my training?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing development of one’s skills, theoretical understanding and practice. CPD enhances professional standards and ensures an up-to-date professional service to clients.

What kind of activities would be considered to be CPD?

  • Attendance at conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Further training
  • Writing original articles, reviews or similar
  • Reading journals
  • Relevant committee work (no more than 10% of total CPD requirement)
  • Research related to delivering training (no more than 10% of total CPD requirement)

What evidence will I need to offer if I am audited?

Every year a percentage of accredited members will be audited.  They will be required to provide evidence of CPD undertaken.  As well as certificates of attendance at events they should also send evidence of their learning and the impact of the CPD undertaken on their practice. There is a form available from COSRT to record the learning from each experience.

CPD Requirements for UKCP Registrants

UKCP registrants are required to undertake a minimum of 250 hours of CPD over a 5 year period. These hours can include the hours required by COSRT.


If I have to take a break in practice what should I do?

If you take a break in practice that exceeds 1 year you will need to notify COSRT of this break and before re-starting work you will have to complete a return to practice form signed by your supervisor to confirm that you are ready to return to work. (see Practice Guideline 4)

How will a break in practice affect my accreditation?

If you have advised COSRT of the break then the number of hours of practice, supervision and CPD will be adjusted to take account of the break.

What happens if I am unable to complete all the CPD in one year?

Members who have been accredited for at least 3 years will be able to average their CPD over three years, so a shortfall in one year can be made up in the following year. (see Practice Guideline 3)


How can I qualify for UKCP Registration?

UKCP registration as a psychotherapist is available to COSRT accredited members who have completed a minimum of four years training to Masters level or equivalent, and have met the requirement of 450 hours of clinical practice supervised at a ratio of 1:6 and have completed 80 hours of personal experiential work as outlined above.