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Therapists listingsIn seeking a therapist the public are advised to read the notes given below and the profiles of individual members carefully. Members’ qualifications, experience and areas of specialisation vary greatly and it is important to clarify that these are appropriate for your individual need before entering into a therapeutic contract.  We recommend that where possible you consult an accredited member.  If this is not possible in your area, we suggest that you ensure that the therapist you see is properly qualified to help you.

Listing of all COSRT Therapists

Not all our therapists list themselves on our therapist listing, however,  can check that your therapist is a COSRT Member and their status here:


Accredited members

COSRT accreditation is awarded to psychosexual therapists who have met strict criteria in respect of training, experience, knowledge, ethical standards, clinical skills and commitment to continuous professional development; this is audited annually. They are bound by and work to the Codes of Ethics and Practice for General and Accredited Members.

General members

General Membership of COSRT is a very broad category of membership. Some members may practice in the field of psychosexual therapy but do not currently meet the criteria for, or do not seek, accredited membership. Students undergoing training are included in this category and they are required to clearly state this in their profile. General Members are bound by, and work to, the Codes of Ethics and Practice for General and Accredited Members.

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You can search our Therapists Listings to find a suitable therapist near you or to check on a therapists registration. Here are some hints to help you find what you are looking for:

  • LOCATION: You can search for a therapist by location such as Town/City, County/Area or Postcode (the postcode search works on actual postcodes or part postcodes, it does not provide the nearest if no one matches the postcode).s
  • OUTSIDE UK: You can search for a therapist outside the UK by Country, for example: Ireland.
  • CHECK THE REGISTER: If you know a therapist’s name or registration number you can use this to search for their contact details or check they are registered.
  • ACCREDITED MEMBERS: You can search for COSRT accredited members only by selecting this option in the membership box.

The more information you input the more precise the result will be.

Please note the search is based on exact or partial matches of text, it does not work out the nearest if there is not a match so if you get no results on filling in a number of fields, widen the search by removing some search items.

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