Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to establish and maintain ethical standards and principles of good practice for sexual and relationship therapists who are members of COSRT (“the Association”), and to inform and protect the public, especially people who seek or use the services of COSRT members.

All members of the Association are required to abide by the current codes appropriate to them.

The COSRT codes are based on three core concepts, which apply to all members of COSRT:

  • The maintenance of professional competence and high standards at all times.
  • The respect for the individual and avoidance of exploitation or abuse of the position of power held by the therapist.
  • The avoidance of bringing the Association or profession into disrepute.


The Conduct Procedure is available on request and may be obtained from COSRT PO Box 13686, London SW20 9ZH. Written copies of the Code of Ethics for General and Accredited Members may also be obtained from this address.