Information for Members of the Public

signpostCOSRT is uniquely placed to provide help, ensuring that everyone can have access to reliable and accurate information about sexual and relationship issues without embarrassment and with confidence in the professionalism of the therapists you can contact through us. In this section you can find out more about some of the common issues that people bring to sexual and  relationship therapy. You can also read about some useful therapeutic techniques that your therapist might suggest

We believe that everyone should have fulfilling personal relationships and we want to help you reach that goal. All relationships go through rough patches from time to time.  Sometimes it can be hard to see how to get things back on track when you’re in the middle of it all.

There’s practical advice here to help you deal with some of the problems you might be experiencing, and tips for how to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

If you would prefer to get help from a professional therapist, you can use our directory to find someone in your local area. There is also information here to help you understand what therapy might involve. Our members have experience of helping people with all kinds of sexual and relationship problems. We monitor our accredited members performance and all our members agree to stick to a strict Code of Ethics, so you can always have confidence in them.