Is therapy unsafe?

We were concerned to read the following piece on the BBC News website on 02 November 2017, which gave examples of two clients having experienced abuse at the hand of their therapists. Also concerning was the suggestion that as an unregulated profession, counselling is inherently unsafe. We have sent our reply directly to the BBC as outlined below, and will post further news as we receive it. However please feel free to comment below with your … [Read more...]

However You Identify We Must All Be Trans Allies

Since the publication of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), there have been many worrying and misleading media headlines, which seem to have been completely mis-interpreting or mis-representing what the MOU seeks to achieve.  Indeed, there have been many sensationalist stories in the media of late, concerning trans people. So it’s fantastic to see this piece, published in The Huffington Post, from Ruth Hunt, CEO of Stonewall, a charity which campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, … [Read more...]

Gender – What is it?

As the Memorandum of Understanding on conversion Therapy (MoU) launches in the UK, Kirstie McEwan COSRT Trustee, discusses and shares her thoughts on gender - what is it? Perhaps it is easier to say what gender is not – it is not sex, and the two words should never be confused as meaning the same thing. Many people interchange the terms gender and sex, believing them to be the same, and this leads to confusion for many and distress to others for whom the difference is a significant issue in … [Read more...]