Help for the media

COSRT is the only professional organisation in UK, specialising in relationships and sexual relationships of all kinds. Our media team are highly experienced and qualified therapists, ready to advise, guide and contribute to your questions, articles, events or programmes.

So how might COSRT help?

Some regular requests are:-

  • You are a journalist writing an article on or responding to an issue with a relationship and/or sexual side. The COSRT media team can advise on the right way to present your article, inform your readers and help you to explore the issue in an insightful and empathetic way.
  • You are a programme maker and you need expert advice and insights into the programme’s content. The COSRT media team can advise you on the many aspects of relationships, sex and sexuality and how best to portray them.
  • You are a professional body, a school or a group and you need expert input to an event, issue or training day. The COSRT media team can advise you on the content, the best clinical viewpoints and suggest experts who might help or be involved on the day.

Some of the people we have helped recently helped are:-

TheTimes BBC World Service TheGuardian TheTelegraph


As well as many magazines and journals


Your first point of call is Krystal Woodbridge. Krystal is the Media Representative at COSRT. Please direct any questions or queries to her at, or on 07977 318143.

Contact with clients

We get many requests from journalists and programme makers asking to be put in touch with our members or their clients for interviews or to take part in programmes.

The work our members do is both sensitive and confidential. For this reason, it is not appropriate for us to assist the media to make direct or indirect contact with past or current clients or to offer information from case studies.